Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The first chapters of 'Nightmare Before Christmas'

The story nightmare before Christmas is a great story.It talkS ABOUT a skeleton and a doctor who have an acident and now he has MADE a very strong girl.Her name is Sally and she helpS and careS FOR the doctor because he can't walk.But Sally is very borED with that and she wantS
to escape.At night she putS SOME STRANGE FLOWERS in his drink and giveS it to the doctor.Then the doctor IS asleep and Sally escapeS but he caught/ catches her.The skeleton's name is Jack and he lived in Halloween town and he travelled to Christmas town.When
he came back, HE TALKED ABOUT all the things WHICH HE HAD SEEN to the friends.


  1. OK Stelios, but don't you agree we must always be VERY careful with the GRAMMAR we use in our blog posts? You are an amazing blogger, so I am sure you agree! :)

  2. We are French and we live in the north-east of France.
    This book is very good and we like this chapter. The story is good. The people are realistic for the role.

  3. Thank you for the comment, our online friends!