Monday, November 3, 2014

My opinion on the book

The pages of the book nightmare before christmas were good and bad.They were good because they were a good start for a story and they were bad because they were a little BIT boring but they were ok.I liked Jack and the strange voice of the doctor. Αlso his voice was a little scary.the little stupid place was where Sally put flowers in the doctor's drink then when he fell asleep Sally RAN away but then the doctor woke up and rolled with his chair and caught her.I mean it was a little stupid becauce he was in a chair and he caught her.Also I liked IT when Jack lived in Halloweentown and went to the Christmastown and then when he returned Jack told the people of Halloweentown about the Christmastown.


  1. SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am sure you liked the book more than you say, George! Do you want to find out what happens next? :-)