Sunday, November 2, 2014

NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS[the description of the chapter 1,2,3

It was Halloween at the Halloween-Town.This night all the ghosts the witches and the monsters went out of their tomb and  they went to town because the wantED to scarE people.Jack Skellington was the most scary of all of them.With his scary songs and dances he scared the people.But Jack was bored because he did the same things all the nights of the Halloween every year.

One night he walked out of the Halloween -Town and he was walking for many hours.While he was walking he saw a beautiful town WHICH was the Christmas-Town and it was Christmas.He looked inside of a house and he saw a beautiful DECORATED tree and then he went back to the Halloween town.

When he arrived to the Halloween-Town he explained to all what he saw at the Christmas -town. While he was talking , SALLY was watching him. Sally was taking care OF an old doctor.For many years she tried to escape FROM the house,but the doctor ALWAYS CAUGHT her.

Nightmare before christmas



  1. Bravo Themaklas!!!! Fantastic description! You are a very talented blogger!!!

  2. Hello, we are Emilie and Alice from France.

    We have watched this film and we liked it.

    We liked the dog very much because he is cute !

  3. We are happy you like the video, girls, and thank you so much for your comment! Can the bloggers say hi to our friends from France? Please write a comment here.