Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A letter to Grammarman

Dear Grammarman

I read some of your adventures with King Wrong and I like them. However, I have some ideas for you.First, you should add colours to your stories.Finally, why don't you kill your enemy in the end?


  1. Hi, Vagelis! The original King Wrong stories are in colour. I made those black and white ones for students to add colour. You can find the original colour comics at my website: www.grammarmancomic.com :) As for your second question ... well, killing seems such a harsh punishment for grammar crimes.

  2. I saw your 3 first videos on youtoube and i like it a lot.They had a lot of fun.I think that the third video was the best and the best scene was when Alpha-Bot catch Sammy Colon.I can't wait to see your next episodes.I look forward for your reply.

  3. Hi, Vagelis. Here's a link to Grammarman Episode 4