Monday, March 28, 2016


Nowadays,a lot of children are addicted to playing computer games or video games!I believe there are some advantages and some disadvantages connected to this.

 Here are some of the advantages.First of all,children are going better at school because they know how they can think quickly and how can they solve difficult problems quickly and clever!Secondly, they are doing better at maths because there are a lot of computer games about maths!!Thirdly, they can learn more information and enrich their knowledge and they can also do research on the web about school projects.Finally,a lot of games are fun,entertraining and very relaxing!

 Nevertheless,there are a lot of disadvantages.First,,many children may forget important things of they have to do in their diary or of social life,for example schoolwork,housework or celebrations!!Their grades will be worse, they will experience gaps of knowledge at school they will not be able to keep up with their classmates!They also will not be able to focus on anything else if they play too much.Then they may no be fit or good at sports.They end up being couch potatoes!!!After that, they wiil sleep less and that may effect their growth.Finaly, some games teach violence to children, and there are also some games or videos which are very scary!!!

In conclusion, there are both positive and negative aspects concerning the use of computers by children.In my opinion, parents should conttol the time children spend in front of the screen!Of course they can play games or they can see videos but they must not spend so much time on that.Children can do a lot of different things.For example they can go for a walk with friends if they have finished their homework or everything they have to do!They can go to play ball, to  buy clothes a lot of things.I believe that if parents control their children, we will have a big improvement. 

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