Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dear Grammarman

Grammarman, you are a very good person and I would like to see more of your videos! I am trying not to make any grammar mistakes. If I make any, will you appear and correct me?


  1. Hi, Paul. It looks like you already have an excellent grasp of the English language. You will find that your grammar mistakes slowly disappear, the more you practice English. I especially recommend reading! The most successful students are the ones that read something in English every day. Good luck!

  2. Your videos are so fantastic and funny.The best in your videos is your best friends,the alpha-bot and the alien,syntax.Finally I want to say to you is to create more videos because I like to see you more often and you deserve the golden dictionary

  3. Thank you so much, Paul. Have you seen this video before? https://youtu.be/FkGFmHplTn0 ... it's not a full story, but it showcases some of Grammarman's enemies.