Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Christmas

   One day ,I woke up and said: ''What's the date ,today?''.My dad told me that it was 25th December.I shouted:'It's Christmas,Yippee!'.
Our family had breakfast together.Then we put Christmas decorations in all the house.After that, we decorated the Christmas tree.
   My cousins came in and we played a lot of games.We played basketball ,volleyball and other games. We had fun and watched TV. We were watching fifteen films while our parents were playing
21 and 31, popular card games in Greece. Then, we sang some Christmas songs.
   Suddenly ,we heard ''knock ,knock''outside.That ''knock,knock'' went louder and louder.We opened the door and saw a fat man dressed in red.He laughed''Ho,ho,ho.Merry Christmas!''.It was Santa Claus.He gave us a lot of presents.Then he went away.
   After some hours my cousins went away, too.We had a beautiful time!!

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  1. You even saw Santa! That is simply amazing! I think I saw him, too, but I was on the bike, so I couldn't stop to make sure. :-)