Saturday, January 5, 2013

Food for thought

  Mary lives in Sitia a seaside town on the island of Crete.She wants to have a party.Her father says yes and asks her what she wants for her party.Mary answers pizza ,chips ,coke ,sweets and a big chocolate cake.Her father doesn't agree with her because that's an unhealthy list.

   Finally, Mary falls asleep.In a while, she has a dream.All the unhealthy snacks come and ask her if they can come the party.But she always says no to them, because she doesn't want to have unhealthy snacks at the party.Then all the healthy snacks - apples,spinach pies,nuts,orange juice,water -come and ask her if they can come to the party.Mary always says yes.
   Next morning, Mary's mother can't still believe that her daughter is eleven years old.Dad sees that Mary has made a healthier list.''As long as you eat nutritious food you can eat some treats''.The guests are outside.They come in with a birthday cake.
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MARY!!!!
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!

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  1. Bravo Nicolas! Excellent summary! So, I guess you liked the book, right?