Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Matilda , Chapter 9 An Unpleasant surprise for Miss Trunchbull

For the next new evenings, after school , Matilda secretly practised moving things with her eyes: rubbers, pencils, even books.Soon she could lift and push and pull them any way that she wanted to. On Thursday, Miss Trunchbull came to teach Miss Honey's class. Miss Truchbull looked ,carefully, at her glass and said 'I'm glad to see that there's nothing in my glass.Today I'll see if you can multiply by three.'You!Stand up!' she pointed a boy called Wilfred.I've got 7 Apples, 7oranges and 7 bananas.How many pieces of fruit have I got?' 'That's not multiplying' answered Wilfred?' 'Doesn't Miss Honey teach you anything?Three sevens are twenty-one!Say it!' 'Three sevens are twenty-one.' he said and Miss Trunchbull dropped him down.

Nigel shouted 'Look at the chalk -it's moving on its own!!'


'Who's doing it?'shouted Miss Trunchbull.But the chalk continued to write.

Agatha, this is Magnus.Agatha give my Jenny back her money.Give myJenny back her house, then go away or I'll come and get you like you got me.I'm watching you ,Agatha...

Then the chalk stopped writing and fell down.The same time Miss Trunchbull fell down uncoscious.'I did it ' Matilda thought...



  1. Another excellent summary- well done! I only corrected the word 'chalk'. The story was very exciting! Did you know I have also got the film? If all of you continue to study a lot, I am going to show it to you. In the projection room, yes! What do you think? :-)

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  3. I like this story very much and I have seen the film, too. It was very excited!!!