Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Christmas carol

The main character of the book is Scrooge, an old miser who lives alone and he doesn't like anyone.He isn't friendly at all.Also he hates Christmas! People are afraid of him.

It was Christmas eve and Scrooge worked at his office wit his clerk Bob Cratchit. Scrooge had a small fire, but Bob had an even smaller! Then two men came into the office.
"Good evening sir"said one of the men
"Good evening gentlemen" Scrooge said.
"Are you Mr Scrooge or Mr Marley?"they asked.
"Mr. Marley's been dead seven years now"Scrooge answered
"Would you like to offer some money to the poor?"asked the men
"No!"said Scrooge
Then the men left and his nephew came.
"Merry Christmas! God bless us!"said the nephew.
"Humbug! Christmas is nonsense!"Scrooge shouted.
After that Scrooge's nephew went away and then Bob asked Scrooge if he could see his family,because the next day would be Christmas day. Scrooge let Bob see his family only for that night. He said to Bob that he must be at the office early in the morning.

Scrooge lived at a house in an old neighborhood with no life. He opened the door and suddenly Marley's ghost appeared. It was ca rrying five heavy stones .
"Don't be like me" it said.
After that Scrooge went to bed and the ghost of the Christmas past appeared. It looked like a child. Scrooge followed it. They went to the village that Scrooge grew up. Scrooge was all alone. Then they went to the restaurant that Scrooge met his wife. After that the ghost disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

After that the ghost of the Christmas present came and it showed Scrooge Bob's family and Tiny Tim.Tiny Tim was very sick and soon he would be dead.The clock showed midnight and the ghost died slowly.

After that the ghost of the Christmas future came. It was very scary. It was the death himself. Scrooge became so tiny and the ghost with four black horses chased him. Also the ghost showed Scrooge Tiny Tim's death and his own. When Scrooge died no one said that he was a good person. Also the ghost showed him his grave and the date. It was 25th December ...finally, the ghost took him back in his bed. Scrooge was alive.After that scary experience Scrooge changed a lot. He helped Tiny Tim until he got well. Scrooge became one of the greatest people in the city!



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  1. Excellent post, George! So what is the final message of the story, in your opinion?