Saturday, October 19, 2013

A crazy class

Today, all the pictures we drew in art class came to life.I drew an airplane and it started flying around the room.Then I drew a giant ox and it started messing up everything.Manolis thought that we could send the ox to another classroom, so he opened the door and the ox went out to the other art class."Our class has kicked the ox out of our room", said Manolis."Who agrees with me?" "We all agree!!"we shouted.

After that ,we started cleaning up the mess and drawing new beautiful pictures, without knowing that unexpected adventure was waiting for us.Someone drew a scary and spooky ghost and brought it to life!This ghost wanted to put down our teacher ,in public, so it drew a mirror that had the same opinions with it.

We wanted to stick up for our teacher and we threw water to the ghost and killed it.Then we made a spell that said"the painting can't exist if the creator doesn't exist ".It finally worked and we drew happily ever after!!All's well that ends well!

1 comment:

  1. What a fascinating story with all the new phrases in it! That is worth 20 billion points!