Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It was a stormy night in London with lots of thunders. Little Jack was sitting near the fireplace with his grandpa, watching the storm outside the window. Then grandpa remembered a story that happened a long-long time ago, when he was a young man.

Then he said to Jack:"Jack,boy, I want to tell you a story that happened a long time ago". "What's this story about?" Jack asked. "It's about me, my crew, my ship and an unexpected adventure" grandpa replied. "Were you a captain on a ship?" Jack asked. "Yes, I was. It was a really big ship, named"Saint James". It carried a special cargo, too" grandpa said. "What was it?" the little boy asked. "Gold" the old man answered. "So  what happened next?" Jack was curious to know about the rest of the story. "OK, everything started a cold  November morning. We were ready to leave Liverpool harbour. The cargo was on board. We wanted to transfer the gold to China. So, we left and our journey began. 

The weather was calm, during the most of our journey. At the 40th night exactly in the middle of our journey a storm full of thunders began. One of the thunders hit the antenna and all the electronic systems failed. The sonar stopped, too. We didn't know if we were going to hit on a reef. Unfortunately, we hit on it and our ship sank with the gold in it. I survived, but I was in the middle if the ocean , hanging on a piece of wood, alone. When I woke up the next day, I realised that I was on a strange land. I was hungry so I explored the island and I ate some fruits. I needed to build a shelter, too. I cut some branches and I made the roof out of banana tree leaves. I was thirsty so I climbed on the top of the highest mountain of the island to find the water source. I found enough water and I watched the view. 

Suddenly, I saw two trees in a strange cross shape in the heart of the island. I climbed down the whole mountain and I reached that spot. I started digging and I found treasure. I was rich, but helpless. That night I dived in the ocean to find food. A shark attacked me, but I hit him at the nose. I ate well and I slept well, too. During the night I heard the noise of a boat. Luckily, they saw me and I returned home". 

"Wow! Fantastic story" Jack said. "But there's something more" grandpa said. "What?" Jack asked. " These are the coordinates if the spot that the ship is sunk. I want you to find the gold when you grow up. Are you ready for an adventure?" grandpa asked. " YES, CAPTAIN!" said Jack.

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  1. George, I am sure I have already told you more than a hundred times that this is an AMAZING story! I am now thinking about how to turn it into an iBook. More details on that tomorrow! Kisses and hugs!